Quentin Aanenson's
A Fighter Pilot's Story

A Tribute from the United States Air Force's 391st Fighter Squadron at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho

In December of 2008, members of the 391st Fighter Squadron, stationed in Afghanistan, did an extraordinary thing to honor a former member of their squadron, a veteran of WWII, who was dying of cancer. Organized by Capt. Joe Falzone, they took turns flying an American flag on F-15E Strike Eagle combat sorties continuously for days. Along with this flag, which flew with almost every aviator in the squadron for more than 100 combat hours, the squadron created a lithograph of their 2008-2009 deployed Bold Tiger unit, signed by every one of them. They sent the flag and the signed lithograph, as well as a squadron coin that every current Bold Tiger carries, to Quentin Aanenson. He received them during the last week of his life and was able to experience the thrill of this great honor with his family.

Capt. Falzone had been notified of Aanenson's terminal illness by retired Army Lt. Col. Steve Porter, Aanenson's nephew. Besides being moved by Porter's account of his dying uncle's WWII service and arranging this unbelievable tribute to a former squadron pilot, Capt. Falzone also wrote a wonderful article for his base newspaper that can be read at – "Air Force Print News Today"

This article, as well as two photos of Quentin Aanenson, are on display in the pilot's lounge of the 391st FS at Mt. Home AFB. One of the photos is of Aanenson walking away from his August 3,1944 crash landing, and the other was taken after an honorary flight in an F15-E at Mt. Home AFB in October of 1994, fifty years later.

Thank you, Capt. Falzone, and your entire 391st Fighter Squadron for making this great effort to honor a former member of your esteemed group for his service. You are all heroes and we thank you for your own service.

391st Fighter Squadron in Afghanistan

Wall display in pilot's lounge of the 391st FS at Mt. Home AFB

Capt. Joe Falzone

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