Quentin Aanenson's
A Fighter Pilot's Story

The Aftermath of

"A Fighter Pilot's Story"

continues. . .

Quentin was honored to receive the French Legion of Honor (Commander) medal, representing all Americans who fought in France during World War II. Below are pictures of that ceremony grabbed from video at the French Ambassador's residence in Washington, D.C.

Receiving medal from Ambassador

Quentin Aanenson returning from flight in F-15E fighter at Mountain Home Air Force Base in October 1994.

Quentin at the Pentagon with Secretary of The Air Force, Dr. Sheila Widnall and Air Force Chief of Staff, General Ronald Fogleman, in 1996.

In 2000, William R. Farrell, a very talented artist in New York City, finished a painting called the Thunderbolt Patriot. As he says in the web page we created to showcase his painting, he "wanted to create a portrait of a young warrior who had seen too much of war, wondering if he would survive his next mission. His weary expression would have to reflect a dedication and personal commitment that only a few understand." After seeing A Fighter Pilot's Story, he decided my father " would be the ideal representative for those who flew and fought for us -- especially those who would never return."

On July 11, 2002, this painting was presented as a gift to the National Air and Space Museum (NASM) by a private benefactor.

Don Lopez (Deputy Director NASM), Quentin Aanenson, Bill Farrell, and Tom Crouch (Curator NASM)

A photo of this painting can been seen on this page.
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