Quentin Aanenson's
A Fighter Pilot's Story

The Making of

"A Fighter Pilot's Story"

and the Aftermath

Hello, my name is Vicki Murphy. I am the oldest daughter of Quentin Aanenson, the "Fighter Pilot." I am also the webmaster of the Fighter Pilot website (and clearly an amateur). Recently, for the purpose of archival preservation, I compiled all the video we had accumulated regarding the aftermath of the broadcast of A Fighter Pilot's Story and created DVDs for the family. As you might imagine, there were a number of interesting televised (and non-televised) interviews, speaking engagements, and special invitations that resulted from the airing of the documentary. There was also a powerfully moving award presented to my father by the French government. My father has been reluctant to mention these special events on his website, but I (being the controlling webmaster) have decided to overrule him and write this page myself.

As my father has mentioned before, he wrote, produced, and narrated A Fighter Pilot's Story because of his family's interest in his World War II experiences. The documentary was edited by his son-in-law, Tom Pyers (currently a three-time Emmy winner). At times in the documentary, both my father and my mother read excerpts from letters they wrote to each other while my father was overseas during the war.

Jackie in the recording studio.

Quentin narrating the video.

The first televised showing of A Fighter Pilot's Story was 11/12/93 for Veteran's Day. Then in June 1994 during the 50th anniversary of D-Day, PBS broadcast the film nationally on more than 300 stations. From time to time, Quentin would be interviewed on various news shows. He also had the great honor of receiving the French Legion of Honor award in July 1994, experienced the thrill of flying in an F-15E fighter jet at Mountain Home Air Force Base in October 1994, and participated in the ceremony when William Farrell's painting, Thunderbolt Patriot, was donated to the National Air & Space Museum by a private benefactor in 2002. Below are a few shots grabbed from some of those shows and events.

Washington Channel 5 Fox interview with Brian Wilson. 5/30/94

Washington Channel 8 interview. 6/3/94

Chris Gordon interview. 6/3/94

Charlie Rose Show. 6/6/94

The Legion D'Honour Commandeur medal, National Air & Space Museum dedication of the Thunderbolt Patriot painting, and Mountain Home Air Force Base experience continue on the following page.
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